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Designer Bags: The New, The Used, The Dupes

It is no secret that I am a designer bag junkie, but I have a little secret to tell....... Most of my bags are used! Yes, I admit that I buy used designer bags, but I have a very good reason for it! I change my mind, and switch my style, sooooo much that there is really no point in me spending thousands on designer bags that end up at the top of my closet after a few months. With that being said, I want to share my favorite designer bags, the used options for them and some dupes of other designer items!

Lets get started!

So, it is no surprise that one of my FAVORITE designers is Celine! I have always loved the clean, structured looks of her bags, so naturally, I had to have one! Last year I purchased a used Tricolored Trapeze Bag from Fashionphile (pictured above).

Since these bags can be very pricey, I have picked out a few used bags and dupes for my favorite Celine designs:

Another bag I am totally obsessed with is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. This bag comes in 3 different sizes and is probably the most versatile bag I have ever owned!

This bag isn't crazy expensive like some LVs can be, but I still wanted to show you a few used options for those like me who want to save a little money!

These options are shown from least expensive used ones, to the brand new bags from LV:

Another great bag option is the Channel Large Canvas Deauville bag! If you follow bloggers on Instagram, then you have probably seen this bag a lot recently!

Here are bloggers Emily with Champagne & Channel and Emily Gemma with The Sweetest Thing modeling with the Channel Canvas bag:

This bag is pretty pricey, so I have mixed in new and used options below.

If you aren't into large tote bags, I included some cute satchel options from Chloe!

So for the larger satchel option, I picked the Chloe Marcie bag in 3 different sizes! This bag is SO CUTE and functional. I see this bag a lot on Pinterest and Instagram, so here is a size comparison from bloggers on Pinterest:

I picked out some used options in all different sizes for you to shop:

A smaller Chloe option is the Suede Faye Shoulder bag. This bag is great for a night out or vacation, where you don't need to carry a ton of "crap" with you. **I say crap because lets face it, us ladies fill our bags with nonsense**

To show you the size differences, I have taken photos of bloggers off Pinterest who all have a different size Faye bag.

I am so obsessed with this bag! It is on my list for next purchases!

Here are some used and new options in different sizes for the Faye bag:

Last, I want to share some super cute Gucci belts, some new & some dupes!

The Gucci belt trend is so hot right now, whether you are buying the real deal or the dupe! I myself have the dupe option because it was only $30!! Yes, $30!

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to keep up with trends, but it is always nice if you can treat yourself every now and then!

I hope this post was helpful for you if you are wanting to buy a designer handbag! Fell free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the used sites I use when ordering my bags!



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